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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-07Olivine LiCoPO4-carbon composite showing high rechargeable capacity선양국
2011-10One-Pot Synthesis of Alkyl-Terminated Silicon Nanoparticles by Solution Reduction선양국
2014-01Optimization of Layered Cathode Material with Full Concentration Gradient for Lithium-Ion Batteries선양국
2013-11Ordered Mesoporous Carbon Electrodes for Li-O-2 Batteries선양국
2014-07A Physical Pulverization Strategy for Preparing a Highly Active Composite of CoOx and Crushed Graphite for Lithium-Oxygen Batteries선양국
2013-12Progress in Lithium-Sulfur Batteries: The Effective Role of a Polysulfide-Added Electrolyte as Buffer to Prevent Cathode Dissolution선양국
2016-10Publishing Electrochemical Energy Storage Papers in ACS Energy Letters선양국
2015-04Radially aligned hierarchical columnar structure as a cathode material for high energy density sodium-ion batteries선양국
2016-04Rational design of silicon-based composites for high-energy storage devices선양국
2013-09Rattle type alpha-Fe2O3 submicron spheres with a thin carbon layer for lithium-ion battery anodes선양국
2014-07Recent advances in the Si-based nanocomposite materials as high capacity anode materials for lithium ion batteries선양국
2011-01Rechargeable lithium sulfide electrode for a polymer tin/sulfur lithium-ion battery선양국
2012-07Reversible NaFePO4 electrode for sodium secondary batteries선양국
2015-12Review-High-Capacity Li[Ni1-xCox/2Mnx/2]O-2 (x=0.1, 0.05, 0) Cathodes for Next-Generation Li-Ion Battery선양국
2015-12Review-Understanding and Mitigating Some of the Key Factors that Limit Non-Aqueous Lithium-Air Battery Performance선양국
2012-07The Role of AlF3 Coatings in Improving Electrochemical Cycling of Li-Enriched Nickel-Manganese Oxide Electrodes for Li-Ion Batteries선양국
2013-04Ruthenium-Based Electrocatalysts Supported on Reduced Graphene Oxide for Lithium-Air Batteries선양국
2016-07A Scaled-Up Lithium (Ion)-Sulfur Battery: Newly Faced Problems and Solutions선양국
2013-11Self-assembled hollow mesoporous Co3O4 hybrid architectures: a facile synthesis and application in Li-ion batteries선양국
2016-04Silver nanowires as catalytic cathodes for stabilizing lithium-oxygen batteries선양국
2014-10Simple fabrication and electrochemical performance of porous and double-shelled macroporous CuO nanomaterials with a thin carbon layer선양국
2013-10Sodium salt effect on hydrothermal carbonization of biomass: a catalyst for carbon-based nanostructured materials for lithium-ion battery applications선양국
2014-07Sodium-Ion Battery based on an Electrochemically Converted NaFePO4 Cathode and Nanostructured Tin-Carbon Anode선양국
2011-04Solid state synthesis of LiFePO(4) studied by in situ high energy X-ray diffraction선양국
2011-03Spherical core-shell Li[(Li(0.05)Mn(0.95))(0.8)(Ni(0.25)Mn(0.75))(0.2)](2)O(4) spinels as high performance cathodes for lithium batteries선양국
2014-04Stable, High Voltage Li0.85Ni0.46Cu0.1Mn1.49O4 Spinel Cathode in a Lithium-Ion Battery Using a Conversion-Type CuO Anode선양국
2015-11Study of the Most Relevant Aspects Related to Hard Carbons as Anode Materials for Na-ion Batteries, Compared with Li-ion Systems선양국
2015-07Study on the Catalytic Activity of Noble Metal Nanoparticles on Reduced Graphene Oxide for Oxygen Evolution Reactions in Lithium-Air Batteries선양국
2015-01A sustainable iron-based sodium ion battery of porous carbon-Fe3O4/Na2FeP2O7 with high performance선양국
2016-05Synthesis and Electrochemical Performance of Nickel-Rich Layered-Structure LiNi0.65Co0.08Mn0.27O2 Cathode Materials Comprising Particles with Ni and Mn Full Concentration Gradients선양국