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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07Li-O-2 cells with LiBr as an electrolyte and a redox mediator선양국
2011-11A lithium ion battery using nanostructured Sn-C anode, LiFePO4 cathode and polyethylene oxide-based electrolyte선양국
2011-09Lithium-ion batteries. A look into the future선양국
2014-07A Lithium-Ion Sulfur Battery Based on a Carbon-Coated Lithium-Sulfide Cathode and an Electrodeposited Silicon-Based Anode선양국
2016-01A lithium-oxygen battery based on lithium superoxide선양국
2015-02The Lithium/Air Battery: Still an Emerging System or a Practical Reality?선양국
2016-05A Long-Life Lithium Ion Battery with Enhanced Electrode/Electrolyte Interface by Using an Ionic Liquid Solution선양국
2013-07Magnetism in Lithium-Oxygen Discharge Product선양국
2011-11Mechanism of capacity fade of MCMB/Li(1.1)[Ni(1/3)Mn(1/3)Co(1/3)](0.9)O(2) cell at elevated temperature and additives to improve its cycle life선양국
2016-03Mechanistic Role of Li+ Dissociation Level in Aprotic Li-O-2 Battery선양국
2012-11A Metal-Free, Lithium-Ion Oxygen Battery: A Step Forward to Safety in Lithium-Air Batteries선양국
2011-11Micrometer-Sized, Nanoporous, High-Volumetric-Capacity LiMn0.85Fe0.15PO4 Cathode Material for Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries선양국
2011-09Micron-sized, carbon-coated Li(4)Ti(5)O(12) as high power anode material for advanced lithium batteries선양국
2011-04Microscale spherical carbon-coated Li(4)Ti(5)O(12) as ultra high power anode material for lithium batteries선양국
2014-10Migration of Mn cations in delithiated lithium manganese oxides선양국
2013-09Mn(II) deposition on anodes and its effects on capacity fade in spinel lithium manganate-carbon systems선양국
2015-04A Mo2C/Carbon Nanotube Composite Cathode for Lithium-Oxygen Batteries with High Energy Efficiency and Long Cycle Life선양국
2013-12Monodispersed hollow carbon/Fe3O4 composite microspheres for high performance anode materials in lithium-ion batteries선양국
2015-08NaCrO2 cathode for high-rate sodium-ion batteries선양국
2015-03Nanoconfinement of low-conductivity products in rechargeable sodium-air batteries선양국
2014-12Nanorod and Nanoparticle Shells in Concentration Gradient Core-Shell Lithium Oxides for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries선양국
2013-08A nanostructured cathode architecture for low charge overpotential in lithium-oxygen batteries선양국
2015-06Nanostructured cathode materials for rechargeable lithium batteries선양국
2012-11Nanostructured high-energy cathode materials for advanced lithium batteries선양국
2016-08Nanostructured lithium sulfide materials for lithium-sulfur batteries선양국
2016-10Nanostructured metal phosphide-based materials for electrochemical energy storage선양국
2011-09Nanostructured TiO2 and Its Application in Lithium-Ion Storage선양국
2013-02Nanostructured TiO2 microspheres for dye-sensitized solar cells employing a solid state polymer electrolyte선양국
2016-06Neutron diffraction studies of the Na-ion battery electrode materials NaCoCr2(PO4)(3), NaNiCr2(PO4)(3), and Na2Ni2Cr(PO4)(3)선양국
2015-08A new synthetic method of titanium oxyfluoride and its application as an anode material for rechargeable lithium batteries선양국