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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-08Improved light absorbance and quantum-dot loading by macroporous TiO2 photoanode for PbS quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells방진호
2012-06Improved Photovoltaic Performance of Si Nanowire Solar Cells Integrated with ZnSe Quantum Dots방진호
2012-12Influence of Nanoporous Oxide Substrate on the Performance of Photoelectrode in Semiconductor-Sensitized Solar Cells방진호
2017-08The influence of surface area, porous structure, and surface state on the supercapacitor performance of titanium oxynitride: implications for a nanostructuring strategy방진호
2016-03Investigation of charge trapping mechanism for nanocrystal-based organic nonvolatile floating gate memory devices by band structure analysis방진호
2016-03Investing the Effectiveness of Retention Performance in a Non-Volatile Floating Gate Memory Device with a Core-Shell Structure of CdSe Nanoparticles방진호
2013-08Mesoporous Ni(OH)2 tubes on carbon fiber paper for pseudocapacitor electrode방진호
2014-05Metal selenide films as the counter electrode in dye-sensitized solar cell방진호
2014-02Metal Selenides as a New Class of Electrocatalysts for Quantum Dot-Sensitized Solar Cells: A Tale of Cu1.8Se and PbSe방진호
2013-12MnO2 nanoflakes and nanothorns deposited on carbon fiber paper for pseudocapacitor electrode방진호
2015-02Nanoporous hexagonal TiO2 superstructure as a multifunctional material for energy conversion and storage방진호
2014-12New Insight into Copper Sulfide Electrocatalysts for Quantum Dot-Sensitized Solar Cells: Composition-Dependent Electrocatalytic Activity and Stability방진호
2014-02A new synthetic route to hollow Co3O4 octahedra for supercapacitor applications방진호
2015-09Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanocoil Array Integrated on Carbon Nanofiber Paper for Supercapacitor Electrodes방진호
2012-07One-Dimensional Core/Shell Structured TiO2/ZnO Heterojunction for Improved Photoelectrochemical Performance방진호
2013-05Optimal design for antireflective Si nanowire solar cells방진호
2013-05Optimal design for antireflective Si nanowire solar cells방진호
2014-05Optimization of CdSe quantum dot concentration in P3HT:PCBM layer for the improved performance of hybrid solar cells방진호
2014-01Photoelectrochemical water splitting employing a tapered silicon nanohole array방진호
2015-08Poly(ethylene oxide)/graphene oxide nanocomposites: structure, properties and shape memory behavior방진호
2019-04Polygonal multi-polymorphed Li4Ti5O12@rutile TiO2 as anodes in lithium-ion batteries방진호
2015-03Porous nickel oxide nanotube arrays supported on carbon fiber paper: synergistic effect on pseudocapacitive behavior방진호
2013-03Quantum Dot Solar Cells Prepared Using Electrophoretic Deposition방진호
2017-08Revival of Solar Paint Concept: Air-Processable Solar Paints for the Fabrication of Quantum Dot-Sensitized Solar Cells방진호
2015-11Rising Again: Opportunities and Challenges for Platinum-Free Electrocatalysts방진호
2016-09Strategic PbS quantum dot-based multilayered photoanodes for high efficiency quantum dot-sensitized solar cells방진호
2019-05Study of the structure-properties relations of carbon spheres affecting electrochemical performances of EDLCs방진호
2013-11Supercapacitor electrode with an ultrahigh Co3O4 loading for a high areal capacitance방진호
2013-04Synthesis of gold-coated TiO2 nanorod array and its application as a Raman substrate방진호
2012-02Synthesis of titanium oxide nanocups by electrospraying방진호