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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-07Influence of anionic polyelectrolyte addition on ceria dispersion behavior for quartz chemical mechanical polishing박진구
2016-09Influence of non-uniform intensity distribution of deformed pellicle for N7 patterning박진구
2016-05Investigation of cu-BTA complex formation during Cu chemical mechanical planarization process박진구
2015-02Investigation of oxide layer removal mechanism using reactive gases박진구
2019-10Investigation of particle agglomeration with in-situ generation of oxygen bubble during the tungsten chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) process박진구
2013-05Investigation of Source-Based Scratch Formation During Oxide Chemical Mechanical Planarization박진구
2015-02Large-Scale Plasma Patterning of Transparent Graphene Electrode on Flexible Substrates박진구
2005-07Laser Shock Removal of Nanoparticles from Si Capping Layer of Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Masks박진구
2015-04Mechanical deflection of a free-standing pellicle for extreme ultraviolet lithography박진구
2013-04Modification of Diamond Conditioner with V-SAM Coatings for Corrosion Prevention During Metal CMP박진구
2015-03Multi-Stack Extreme-Ultraviolet Pellicle with Out-of-Band Reduction박진구
2015-10Multistack structure for an extreme-ultraviolet pellicle with out-of-band radiation reduction박진구
2011-10Nano Gas Cluster Dry Cleaning for Damage Free Particle Removal박진구
2012-07Nanoscale Particle Removal Using Wet Laser Shockwave Cleaning박진구
2005-10Nanoscale Particles Removal on an Extreme Ultra-Violet Lithography(EUVL) Mask Layer by Lasershock Cleaning박진구
2013-01Non Destructive Nanoparticle Removal from Submicron Structures Using Megasonic Cleaning박진구
2015-01Novel one-step route to induce long-term lotus leaf-like hydrophobicity in polyester fabric박진구
2013-04On the mechanism of material removal by fixed abrasive lapping of various glass substrates박진구
2013-04Optimal Pressure and Temperature Conditions for Deposition of FOTS Thin Films Suitable for Anti-Stiction Layers박진구
2005-11Optimizing the Plasma Deposition Process Parameters of Antistiction Layers using a DOE(Design of Experiment)박진구
2005-07Particle Adhesion and Removal on EUV Mask Layers During Wet Cleaning박진구
2005-07Polishing Behavior and Characterization of Cu Surface in Citric Acid based Slurry with Corrosion Inhibitor(BTA)박진구
2019-01Post-CMP Cleaning of InGaAs Surface for the Removal of Nanoparticle Contaminants for Sub-10nm Device Applications박진구
2017-01Preparation of a high hydrophobic aluminium surface by double zincating process박진구
2015-10Prevention of Metal Contamination in Sub 50 nm SC1 Cleaning Process박진구
2013-08Quantitative Analysis of H5N1 DNA Hybridization on Nanowell Array Electrode박진구
2011-04Random yield loss during wafer cleaning박진구
2018-10Removal of EUV exposed hydrocarbon from Ru capping layer of EUV mask using the mixture of alkaline solutions and organic solvents박진구
2015-08Removal of Nano-sized Particles Using Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Cluster Cleaning without Pattern Damage박진구
2013-01Removal of UV cured resin using hybrid cleaning method박진구