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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01Effect of Rinse Process on Removal of Crown Type Defects during Photoresist Development박진구
2014-01Effect of Silicon Dioxide Hardness on Scratches in Interlevel Dielectric Chemical-Mechanical Polishing박진구
2012-08Effective Carbon Contaminant Cleaning Condition Using Ozone Dissolved Water and Megasonic for Ru-Capped Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Mask박진구
2012-04Effects of Interfacial Strength and Dimension of Structures on Physical Cleaning Window박진구
2005-10The Effects of pH Adjustors in Post Cu CMP Cleaning Solutions on Particle Adhesion and Removal박진구
2011-11Electrochemical Characterization of Anti-Corrosion Film Coated Metal Conditioner Surfaces for Tungsten CMP Applications박진구
2012-08Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) Analysis of BTA Removal by TMAH during Post Cu CMP Cleaning Process박진구
2011-10Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) Analysis of BTA Removal by TMAH during Post Cu CMP Cleaning Process박진구
2011-06Enhanced Fluorescence by Controlled Surface Roughness of Plastic Biochip박진구
2011-04Enhancement of airborne shock wave by laser-induced breakdown of liquid column in laser shock cleaning박진구
2013-04Evaluation of double sided lapping using a fixed abrasive pad for sapphire substrates박진구
2013-01Evaluation of very dilute alkaline solutions for wafer cleaning with megasonic irradiation박진구
2013-08Fabrication of 3D micro structure by dual diffuser lithography박진구
2012-03Fabrication of a hydrophobic/hydrophilic hybrid-patterned microarray chip and its application to a cancer marker immunoassay박진구
2005-11Fabrication of a Patterned Replica by Hot Embossing on Various Thicknesses of PMMA박진구
2018-04Fabrication of high performance copper-resin lapping plate for sapphire: A combined 2-body and 3-body diamond abrasive wear on sapphire박진구
2005-09Fabrication of Hot Embossing Plastic Stamps for Microstructure박진구
2016-06Fabrication of hydrophobic/hydrophilic switchable aluminum surface using poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)박진구
2012-01Fabrication of Large-Area CoNi Mold for Nanoimprint Lithography박진구
2005-06Fabrication of metal line on plastic substrate by hot embossing and CMP process박진구
2005-06Fabrication of plastic CE(capillary electrophoresis) microchip by hot embossing process박진구
2018-10Fabrication of Stainless Steel Metal Mask with Electrochemical Fabrication Method and Its Improvement in Dimensional Uniformity박진구
2013-04Fluorocarbon film-assisted fabrication of a CoNi mold with high aspect ratio for nanoimprint lithography박진구
2011-02Generation of Pad Debris during Oxide CMP Process and Its Role in Scratch Formation박진구
2013-05Hybrid Cleaning Technology for Enhanced Post-Cu/Low-Dielectric Constant Chemical Mechanical Planarization Cleaning Performance박진구
2011-07Hydrophobic Modification of Diamond Conditioner for Prevention of Particle Adhesion During Oxide CMP박진구
2013-11The impact of diamond conditioners on scratch formation during chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) of silicon dioxide박진구
2017-03Impact of non-uniform wrinkles for a multi-stack pellicle in EUV lithography박진구
2015-03Impact of the non-uniform intensity distribution caused by a meshed pellicle of extreme ultraviolet lithography박진구
2017-10Influence of a wrinkle in terms of critical dimension variation caused by transmission nonuniformity and a particle defect on extreme ultraviolet pellicle박진구