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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-02Gait optimization of biped robots based on human motion analysis박종현
2012-10Impedance Control of Quadruped Robot and Its Impedance Characteristic Modulation for Trotting on Irregular Terrain박종현
2017-05Increasing Payload Capacity of Wearable Robots Employing Linear Actuators and Elastic Mechanism박종현
2017-08Increasing Payload Capacity of Wearable Robots Using Linear Actuators박종현
2017-08LED 조명을 이용한 가시광통신에서 데이터 송신 속도에 따른 수신 효율박종현
2013-05LMI를 이용한 2축 평면 기구 로봇의 ILC 제어기 설계박종현
2014-05Model Based Iterative Learning Control Using Parameter Identification of Model Parameters박종현
2011-07A Numerical Algorith to Identify Independent Grouped Parameters of Robot Manipulator for Control박종현
2015-11Obstacle Avoidance and Path Planning for Mobile Robot Based on Fuzzy Logic Control System박종현
2011-12Online Remote Control of a Robotic Hand Configurations Using sEMG Signals on a Forearm박종현
2011-12Optimal locomotion trajectory for biped robot 'D-2' with knees stretched, heel-contact landings, and toe-off liftoffs박종현
2014-09Oscillation Reduction Scheme for Wearable Robots Employing Linear Actuators and Sensors박종현
2011-10Quick Change of Walking Direction of Biped Robot With Foot Slip In Single-Support Phase박종현
2014-11Rapid Change of Running Direction for Biped Robots박종현
2017-05A robotic orthosis with a cable-differential mechanism박종현
2011-12Robust control using recursive design method for flexible joint robot manipulatorst박종현
2016-10Sliding-Mode Control of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots with Elastic Cables박종현
2014-09Thermal warpage of a glass substrate during Xe-arc flash lamp crystallization of amorphous silicon thin-film박종현
2019-02Time-dependent genetic algorithm and its application to quadruped’s locomotion박종현
2015-07Trajectory Generation and Sliding-Mode Controller Design of an Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator System with Redundancy박종현
2013-10Trajectory Generation Method for Biped Robots to Climb Up an Inclined Surface박종현
2016-12Trajectory generation to suppress oscillations in under-constrained cable-driven parallel robots박종현
2014-11Variable walking trajectory generation method for biped robots based on redundancy analysis박종현
2011-11각운동량제어를 통한 이족보행로봇의 안정적인 뛰는 동작 생성박종현
2019-02데이터 전처리를 이용하여 혼합석탄에서의 주요 원소 및 발열량 분석을 위한 레이저 유도 붕괴 분광법 데이터 개선박종현
2011-05동역학 파라미터의 추정에 대한 마찰력의 영향 및 보상박종현
2013-12동역학적 방법을 이용한 4족 로봇의 트롯 궤적 생성박종현
2011-05매니퓰레이터의 파라미터 추정을 위한 퓨리에 급수를 이용한 최적 가진 경로 설계박종현
2015-11바이패드 로봇의 순응 밀기 복귀박종현
2012-11바이페드 로봇의 경사면 전방향 보행을 위한 궤적 생성 방법박종현