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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-02Capacitor-less memory cell fabricated on nano-scale strained Si on a relaxed SiGe layer-on-insulator박재근
2014-02Characterization of nano-scale strained silicon-on-insulator substrates by multi-wavelength high resolution micro-raman and optical reflectance박재근
2011-04Chemical Mechanical Planarization Mechanism for Nitrogen-Doped Polycrystalline Ge2Sb2Te5 Film Using Nitric Acidic Slurry Added with Hydrogen Peroxide박재근
2015-11Co2Fe6B2/MgO-based perpendicular spin-transfer-torque magnetic-tunnel-junction spin-valve without [Co/Pt](n) lower synthetic-antiferromagnetic layer박재근
2015-10Comparative study on photocatalytic performances of crystalline alpha- and beta-Bi2O3 nanoparticles under visible light박재근
2014-04Conductive-bridging Random-access Memory Cell Fabricated with a Top Ag Electrode, a Polyethylene Oxide Layer, and a Bottom Pt Electrode박재근
2018-08Correlating nano black spots and optical stability in mixed halide perovskite quantum dots박재근
2013-10Correlation of the structural properties of a Pt seed layer with the perpendicular magnetic anisotropy features of full Heusler-based Co2FeAl/MgO/Co2Fe6B2 junctions via a 12-inch scale Si wafer process박재근
2011-05Dependence of Ag Film Thickness on Ag Nanocrystals Formation to Fabricate Polymer Nonvolatile Memory박재근
2013-02Dependence of nickel gettering on crystalline nature in as-grown Czochralski silicon wafer박재근
2011-03Dependence of nonvolatile memory characteristics on curing temperature for polymer memory-cell embedded with Au nanocrystals in poly(N-vinylcarbazole)박재근
2014-07Dependency of anti-ferro-magnetic coupling strength on Ru spacer thickness of [Co/Pd](n)-synthetic-anti-ferro-magnetic layer in perpendicular magnetic-tunnel-junctions fabricated on 12-inch TiN electrode wafer박재근
2015-04The dependency of tunnel magnetoresistance ratio on nanoscale thicknesses of Co2Fe6B2 free and pinned layers for Co2Fe6B2/MgO-based perpendicular-magnetic-tunnel-junctions박재근
2015-04Dependency of tunneling magneto-resistance on Fe insertion-layer thickness in Co2Fe6B2/MgO-based magnetic tunneling junctions박재근
2016-10Dependency of tunneling magnetoresistance ratio on Pt seed-layer thickness for double MgO perpendicular magnetic tunneling junction spin-valves with a top Co2Fe6B2 free layer ex-situ annealed at 400 degrees C박재근
2016-12Dependency of Tunneling-Magnetoresistance Ratio on Nanoscale Spacer Thickness and Material for Double MgO Based Perpendicular-Magnetic-Tunneling-Junction박재근
2018-08Design of two-terminal-electrode vertical thyristor as cross-point memory cell without selector박재근
2014-06Dielectric function of Si1-xGex films grown on silicon-on-insulator substrates박재근
2018-02Double MgO-based Perpendicular Magnetic-Tunnel-Junction Spin-valve Structure with a Top Co2Fe6B2 Free Layer using a Single SyAF [Co/Pt](n) Layer박재근
2018-02Double MgO-based Perpendicular Magnetic-Tunnel-Junction Spin-valve Structure with a Top Co2Fe6B2 Free Layer using a Single SyAF [Co/Pt](n) Layer (vol 8, 2139, 2018)박재근
2013-02Effect of 8-hydroxy-quinolinato lithium thickness on the power conversion efficiency of polymer photovoltaic cells박재근
2015-06Effect of a Co-evaporated Alq(3):Liq cathode buffer layer on the performance of a polymer photovoltaic cell박재근
2012-09Effect of a thermally evaporated bis (2-methyl-8-quninolinato)-4-phenylphenolate cathode buffer layer on the performance of polymer photovoltaic cells박재근
2013-05Effect of beta-cyclodextrin and Citric Acid on Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Polycrystalline Ge2Sb2Te5 in H2O2 Containing Slurry박재근
2014-08Effect of core quantum-dot size on power-conversion-efficiency for silicon solar-cells implementing energy-down-shift using CdSe/ZnS core/shell quantum dots박재근
2016-06Effect of coupling ability between a synthetic antiferromagnetic layer and pinned layer on a bridging layer of Ta, Ti, and Pt in perpendicular-magnetic tunnel junctions박재근
2015-06Effect of donor weight in a P3HT:PCBM blended layer on the characteristics of a polymer photovoltaic cell박재근
2016-10Effect of double MgO tunneling barrier on thermal stability and TMR ratio for perpendicular MTJ spin-valve with tungsten layers박재근
2013-10Effect of iron(III) nitrate concentration on tungsten chemical-mechanical-planarization performance박재근
2012-12Effect of MeV Nitrogen Ion Implantation on the Resistivity Transition in Czochralski Silicon Wafers박재근