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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-02Effects of equivalence ratio on the near-stoichiometric combustion and emission characteristics of a compression ignition (CI) engine박성욱
2018-09Effects of injection strategy and coolant temperature on hydrocarbon and particulate emissions from a gasoline direct injection engine with high pressure injection up to 50 MPa박성욱
2015-02Effects of intake oxygen mole fraction on the near-stoichiometric combustion and emission characteristics of a CI (compression ignition) engine박성욱
2015-12Effects of pilot injection strategies on the flame temperature and soot distributions in an optical CI engine fueled with biodiesel and conventional diesel박성욱
2018-04Effects of Test Conditions on Fuel Economy of Gasoline-Powered Vehicle박성욱
2015-12Effects of the injection strategy on the mixture formation and combustion characteristics in a DISI (direct injection spark ignition) optical engine박성욱
2018-06Effects of the swirl ratio and injector hole number on the combustion and emission characteristics of a light duty diesel engine박성욱
2015-12Effects of turbulence enhancement on combustion process using a double injection strategy in direct-injection spark-ignition (DISI) gasoline engines박성욱
2014-11Engine Exhaust Particle Sizer를 통한 GDI 자동차에서 발생하는 나노미세입자 배출특성 분석박성욱
2012-06Engine performance and exhaust emissions in stoichiometric combustion engines fuelled with dimethyl ether박성욱
2018-06Estimation of CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles in Korea and potential for reduction based on scenario analysis박성욱
2017-05Estimation of CO2 reduction by parallel hard-type power hybridization for gasoline and diesel vehicles박성욱
2016-08Estimation of Total Transport CO2 Emissions Generated by Medium-and Heavy-Duty Vehicles (MHDVs) in a Sector of Korea박성욱
2011-07An experimental and modelling study of the combustion and emission characteristics for gasoline-diesel dual-fuel engines박성욱
2014-02Experimental study on spray break-up and atomization processes from GDI injector using high injection pressure up to 30 MPa박성욱
2016-08Experimental study on the icing characteristics of LPLi injectors under various injection conditions박성욱
2013-06Flame temperature distributions of biodiesel fuel in a single-cylinder diesel engine박성욱
2016-12Friction losses modeling of piston rings for various combustion pressures in diesel engine박성욱
2015-09Gaseous sphere 분사모델을 이용한 CNG 직분사 엔진 모델링박성욱
2014-05GDI 가시화 엔진에서 분사전략이 연소특성에 미치는 영향박성욱
2014-09GDI 연료분사 시스템에서 분사압력이 분무발달과정과 미립화에 미치는 영향 분석박성욱
2014-09GDI/PFI 자동차 입자상 물질의 화학적 배출 특성 비교 분석박성욱
2014-09GDI와 MPI 자동차의 미세입자 배출특성 비교박성욱
2015-12LNG 엔진에서 당량비와 점화시기에 따른 엔진의 성능과 배기 특성에 관한 수치 해석적 연구박성욱
2014-08Modeling and Parameterization of Fuel Economy in Heavy Duty Vehicles (HDVs)박성욱
2014-09Modeling effects of vehicle specifications on fuel economy based on engine fuel consumption map and vehicle dynamics박성욱
2018-03Modeling flash boiling breakup phenomena of fuel spray from multi-hole type direct-injection spark-ignition injector for various fuel components박성욱
2017-03Modeling Flash Breakup for a Direct-Injection Spark-Ignition Gasoline Engine박성욱
2016-05Modeling of the fuel injection and combustion process in a CNG direct injection engine박성욱