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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-09Fingerstroke time estimates for touchscreen-based mobile gaming interaction류호경
2013-02The Fingerstroke-Level Model Strikes Back: A modified Keystroke-Level Model in developing a gaming UI for 4G networks류호경
2013-02Fingerstroke-Level Model: 모바일 게이밍 사용자인터페이스 개발을 위한 인터랙션 속도 예측모델류호경
2015-01Gamification in Concept Design: Applying Market Mechanisms to Enhance Innovation and Predict Concept Performance류호경
2018-11High Oxygen Exchange to Music Indicates Auditory Distractibility in Acquired Brain Injury: An fNIRS Study with a Vector-Based Phase Analysis류호경
2014-04High visibility or quiet operation?: A statistical inference model of the wiper operation quality by the dual-code theory류호경
2013-06Learner Acceptance of a Multimedia-Based Learning System류호경
2018-04Measuring the Kinematics of Daily Living Movements with Motion Capture Systems in Virtual Reality류호경
2016-06Melodic Contour Identification Reflects the Cognitive Threshold of Aging류호경
2016-03Mixing Up Social Traits for Co-Design Practices류호경
2012-03Mobile Gaming - A Serious Business류호경
2017-10Multi-Sensory Integration Impairment in Patients with Minimal Hepatic Encephalopathy류호경
2018-04Multisensory Integration Strategy for Modality-Specific Loss of Inhibition Control in Older Adults류호경
2016-05Nonverbal auditory working memory: Can music indicate the capacity?류호경
2017-11Object permanence and the development of attention capacity in preterm and term infants: an eye-tracking study류호경
2013-05Personality and its effects on learning performance: Design guidelines for an adaptive e-learning system based on a user model류호경
2018-07R&D 투자 의사결정에서 감정적 단서의 영향 및 관성적 의사결정에 관한 연구류호경
2012-02Risky business or sharing the load? - Social flow in collaborative mobile learning류호경
2013-08Serious games for stroke patients: Attending to clinical staff's voices류호경
2018-02Servicizing Solutions for Manufacturing Firms: Categorizing Service Ideas from Product-Service Integrated Examples류호경
2011-12SqueeView: 공간지각능력 향상을 위한 기능성게임류호경
2014-02A task-specific interactive game-based virtual reality rehabilitation system for patients with stroke: a usability test and two clinical experiments류호경
2013-02To be biased or not to be: choosing between design fixation and design intentionality류호경
2019-01Usability Evaluation of an Image-based Pill Identification Application류호경
2017-07Virtual daily living test to screen for mild cognitive impairment using kinematic movement analysis류호경
2017-03Weighted affordance-based agent modeling and simulation in emergency evacuation류호경
2011-12게임과 공격성: 게임의 심리-행동 영향을 고려한 평가방법 제안류호경
2013-02경험지식과 의사결정의 관계에 대한 실험적 연구: Negative adjustment와 knowledge reinforcement를 중심으로류호경
2017-03디자인-기술인용 특허정보를 활용한 애플社의 디자인권 전략 도출류호경
2013-02망각곡선에 따른 interface task complexity류호경