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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-10Effect of Compositional Changes of Laves Phase Precipitate on Grain Boundary Embrittlement in Long-Term Annealed 9 Pct Cr Ferritic Steel김종렬
2008-01Effect of ferrite substrates on antenna miniaturization김종렬
2007-12Effect of measurement geometry on permeability extracted by a broadband method김종렬
2008-09Effect of Microstructural Development on Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Inkjet-Printed Ag Films김종렬
2015-11Effect of Organic Fuel on High-Frequency Magnetic Properties of Fe-Al2O3 Composite Powders Synthesized by a Combustion Method김종렬
2017-05The Effect of Recrystallization on Interphase Precipitation in Hot-Rolled Steel Sheet김종렬
2018-03Effect of Titanium Addition on High Temperature Workability of High Manganese Austenitic Steel김종렬
2016-07Effects of Calcination Conditions on Magnetic Properties in Strontium Ferrite Synthesized by the Molten Salt Method김종렬
2017-05Effects of Cu addition on magnetic properties and microstructures of annealed Zr-Co-Cu-B ribbons김종렬
2019-06The effects of Fe nano-powders on compaction behaviors and magnetic properties of SMCs김종렬
2008-02Effects of perpendicular anisotropy on the interlayer coupling in perpendicularly magnetized [Pd/Co]/Cu/ [Co/Pd] spin valves김종렬
2005-10Effects of Post-Annealing on the Magnetic Properties of FeCoBN Thin film김종렬
2019-03Enhanced Magnetic Properties of FeCo Alloys by Two-Step Electroless Plating김종렬
2015-11Enhancement of the Remanence Value of Bulk Strontium Ferrite by the Addition of AlNiCo김종렬
2018-03Evaluation of Workability on the Microstructure and Mechanical Property of Modified 9Cr-2W Steel for Fuel Cladding by Cold Drawing Process and Intermediate Heat Treatment Condition김종렬
2007-12Ferromagnetic Resonance Behaviors of Integrated CoPdAlO Magnetic Film on Coplanar Waveguide김종렬
2017-05High-frequency properties of Fe-4.5 wt% Si powders with an insulating layer synthesized by a modified dew point treatment김종렬
2019-03High-performance, cost-effective permanent nanomagnet: Microstructural and magnetic properties of Fe-substituted SmCo nanofiber김종렬
2005-10An Integrated LTCC Inductor김종렬
2006-10An Integrated LTCC Inductor Embedding NiZn Ferrite김종렬
2016-01Integration of ZnO with g-C3N4 structures in core-shell approach via sintering process for rapid detoxification of water under visible irradiation김종렬
2015-09Magnetic Permeability Behaviors of FeCo Micro Hollow Fiber Composites김종렬
2018-11Magnetic Properties and Morphologies of Synthesized Strontium Ferrite Powders by the Molten Salt Method김종렬
2017-06Magnetic properties of pure iron soft magnetic composites coated by manganese phosphates김종렬
2016-07Microstructures and Magnetic Properties of Annealed Zr-Co Alloys김종렬
2018-10Near theoretical ultra-high magnetic performance of rare-earth nanomagnets via the synergetic combination of calcium-reduction and chemoselective dissolution김종렬
2007-12Nondestructive testing for metallic flaws using inductive coil sensor with circular typed single loop excitation coil김종렬
2018-08Powder characteristics of Fe2O3 nanopowder agglomerates fabricated by high energy ball milling at various speed and spray-drying processes김종렬
2017-06Precipitation effect on mechanical properties and phase stability of high manganese steel김종렬
2008-12RF Conduction In-Line Noise Suppression Effects for Fe and NiFe Magnetic Nanocomposite김종렬