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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-07Eco-Friendly Acaricidal Effects of Nylon 66 Nanofibers via Grafted Clove Bud Oil-Loaded Capsules on House Dust Mites김성훈
2015-04Effect of castor oil/polycaprolactone hybrid polyols on the properties of biopolyurethane김성훈
2016-07Effect of conformation on the properties of uniaxially drawn polylacide films upon drawing temperature김성훈
2019-02Effect of heat-setting on the physical properties of chemically recycled polyester nonwoven fabrics김성훈
2015-02Effect of modified silica nanoparticle on the properties of bio-based polyurethane ultrafine fibers김성훈
2019-01Effect of modified ZnO nanoparticle on the properties of polylactide ultrafine fibers김성훈
2012-04Effect of pretreatment conditions on the hydrolysis and water absorption behavior of poly(ethylene terephthalate) fibrous assembly김성훈
2014-11Effect of raising cycles on mechanical, comfort, and hand properties of artificial suede김성훈
2012-03Effect of self-assembly supramolecules on the electrical properties of polyaniline based hole transport layer김성훈
2013-06Effect of surface treatment of ramie fiber on the interfacial adhesion of ramie/acetylated epoxidized soybean oil (AESO) green composite김성훈
2013-04Effect of TiO2 on PVDF/PMMA Composite Films Prepared by Thermal Casting김성훈
2013-12Effects of recycling processes on physical, mechanical and degradation properties of PET yarns김성훈
2017-01Electrospun tungsten trioxide nanofibers decorated with palladium oxide nanoparticles exhibiting enhanced photocatalytic activity김성훈
2015-10Fabrication of Biodegradable Polylactide Foam for Algal Bloom Control김성훈
2016-08Fabrication of castor-oil/polycaprolactone based bio-polyurethane foam reinforced with nanocellulose김성훈
2016-12Fabrication of Silk Fibroin/Eggshell Nanofiber Membranes for Facemasks김성훈
2016-12Fixed Parameter Calibration for Linking Multidimensional IRT Scales김성훈
2016-12Functional Nanofibers: Production and Applications김성훈
2019-03Furan-based self-healing breathable elastomer coating on polylactide fabric김성훈
2013-12Generalization of the Lord-Wingersky Algorithm to Computing the Distribution of Summed Test Scores Based on Real-Number Item Scores김성훈
2008-06GUI디자인 구성요소에 따른 인터넷 패션 쇼핑몰 디자인에 관한 연구김성훈
2017-07High-strain PVC film plasticized by TiO˂inf˃2˂/inf˃ nanoparticles김성훈
2016-08Human Hair: A Suitable Platform for Catalytic Nanoparticles김성훈
2014-09Improvement in the adhesion of bamboo fiber reinforced polylactide composites김성훈
2017-03Improvement of cyanobacterial-killing biologically derived substances (BDSs) using an ecologically safe and cost-effective naphthoquinone derivative김성훈
2018-07Improvements in the oxygen barrier property of polypropylene nanocomposites김성훈
2018-06Investigation of Compatibility of Acetylated Citrates for Plasticized Poly(vinyl chloride)김성훈
2017-09Iot환경에서 웨어러블 디바이스의 감성적 경험 적용에 관한 연구김성훈
2014-09IRT 능력모수 추정을 위한 문항패턴-기반 방법과 합산점수-기반 방법의 원리와 기능 비교김성훈
2013-03Isothermal crystallization behavior and mechanical properties of polylactide/carbon nanotube nanocomposites김성훈