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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-03Stretchable, Weavable Coiled Carbon Nanotube/MnO2/Polymer Fiber Solid-State Supercapacitors김선정
2012-01Synergistic toughening of composite fibres by self-alignment of reduced graphene oxide and carbon nanotubes김선정
2019-02Synthesis of conducting polymer-intercalated vanadate nanofiber composites using a sonochemical method for high performance pseudocapacitor applications김선정
2016-02Temperature-Responsive Tensile Actuator Based on Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Yarn김선정
2016-06Tensile actuators of carbon nanotube coiled yarn based on polydiacetylene-pluronic copolymers as temperature indicators김선정
2018-09Thermally Responsive Torsional and Tensile Fiber Actuator Based on Graphene Oxide김선정
2015-01Three-dimensionally bonded spongy graphene material with super compressive elasticity and near-zero Poisson's ratio김선정
2011-10Torsional Carbon Nanotube Artificial Muscles김선정
2011-10Transient Receptor Potential Melastatin 7 Channels are Involved in Ginsenoside Rg3-Induced Apoptosis in Gastric Cancer Cells김선정
2016-01Triboelectric generator for wearable devices fabricated using a casting method김선정
2016-11Twistable and Stretchable Sandwich Structured Fiber for Wearable Sensors and Supercapacitors김선정
2013-06Ultrafast charge and discharge biscrolled yarn supercapacitors for textiles and microdevices김선정
2016-06Ultraviolet-induced irreversible tensile actuation of diacetylene/nylon microfibers김선정
2018-04Weavable asymmetric carbon nanotube yarn supercapacitor for electronic textiles김선정
2016-04Woven-Yarn Thermoelectric Textiles김선정