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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-02Sampling, pretreatment, and analysis of particulate matter and trace metals emitted through charcoal combustion in cooking activities김기현
2019-04Seeking the most powerful and practical real-world sorbents for gaseous benzene as a representative volatile organic compound based on performance metrics김기현
2014-07The selection of the standard phase (gas vs. liquid) and the related matrix effect on the direct injection gas chromatographic analysis of VOCs at sub-ppm levels김기현
2014-04Sensing of Scent, Fragrance, Smell, and Odor Emissions from Biota Sources김기현
2017-03The sensitive detection of formaldehyde in aqueous media using zirconium-based metal organic frameworks김기현
2018-02Serendipity in solution-GQDs zeolitic imidazole frameworks nanocomposites for highly sensitive detection of sulfide ions김기현
2018-04Short and Long-Term Temporal Changes in Air Quality in a Seoul Urban Area: The Weekday/Sunday Effect김기현
2017-05Simple and Mediator-Free Urea Sensing Based on Engineered Nanodiamonds with Polyaniline Nanofibers Synthesized in Situ김기현
2016-01A simple method for the accurate determination of the Henry's law constant for highly sorptive, semivolatile organic compounds김기현
2017-07A simple method for the parallel quantification of nicotine and major solvent components in electronic cigarette liquids and vaped aerosols김기현
2015-07A simple methodological validation of the gas/particle fractionation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in ambient air김기현
2013-09A simplified analysis of dimethylarsinic acid by wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry combined with a strong cation exchange disk김기현
2014-07Simulation of the breakthrough behavior of volatile organic compounds against sorbent tube sampler as a function of concentration level and sampling volume김기현
2013-11Simultaneous monitoring of total gaseous mercury at four urban monitoring stations in Seoul, Korea김기현
2017-10Social Impacts of Solar Home Systems in Rural Areas: A Case Study in Bangladesh김기현
2018-02Solar energy: Potential and future prospects김기현
2012-05Some insights into the relationship between urban air pollution and noise levels김기현
2018-09Sorptive process and breakthrough behavior of odorous volatile compounds on inert surfaces김기현
2019-04Source apportionment of VOCs and their impact on air quality and health in the megacity of Seoul김기현
2019-01Spatial distribution of heavy metals in crops in a wastewater irrigated zone and health risk assessment김기현
2017-02Statistical analysis of Seoul air quality to assess the efficacy of emission abatement strategies since 1987김기현
2013-05A Statistical Estimation Approach for Quantitative Concentrations of Compounds Lacking Authentic Standards/Surrogates Based on Linear Correlations between Directly Measured Detector Responses and Carbon Number of Different Functional Groups김기현
2016-09The storage stability of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) in polyester aluminum bags김기현
2013-09Study of odor from boiled eggs over time using gas chromatography김기현
2017-04A Study on Applying Biomass Fraction for Greenhouse Gases Emission Estimation of a Sewage Sludge Incinerator in Korea: A Case Study김기현
2016-10The study on biomass fraction estimate methodology of municipal solid waste incinerator in Korea김기현
2017-04The Study on Biomass Fraction Estimation for Waste Incinerated in Korea: A Case Study김기현
2015-03Surface assembly of nano-metal organic framework on amine functionalized indium tin oxide substrate for impedimetric sensing of parathion김기현
2018-08Synthesis and characterization of amorphous precipitated silica from alkaline dissolution of olivine (vol 8, pg 32651, 2018)김기현
2015-04Synthesis and energy applications of metal organic frameworks김기현