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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-12Re-evaluation of effective carbon number (ECN) approach to predict response factors of 'compounds lacking authentic standards or surrogates' (CLASS) by thermal desorption analysis with GC-MS김기현
2018-04Recent advancements in bioremediation of dye: Current status and challenges김기현
2015-08Recent advancements in sensing techniques based on functional materials for organophosphate pesticides김기현
2018-10Recent advancements in supercapacitor technology김기현
2019-04Recent advances and opportunities in the treatment of hydrocarbons and oils: Metal-organic frameworks-based approaches김기현
2018-05Recent advances and remaining challenges for polymeric nanocomposites in healthcare applications김기현
2019-05Recent advances in carbon quantum dot-based sensing of heavy metals in water김기현
2018-04Recent advances in controlled modification of the size and morphology of metal-organic frameworks김기현
2016-09Recent advances in enzyme immobilization techniques: Metal-organic frameworks as novel substrates김기현
2017-12Recent advances in liquid-phase microextraction techniques for the analysis of environmental pollutants김기현
2016-05Recent advances in photocatalytic treatment of pollutants in aqueous media김기현
2019-04Recent advances in photoinduced catalysis for water splitting and environmental applications김기현
2016-03Recent advances in the photovoltaic applications of coordination polymers and metal organic frameworks김기현
2014-05Recent advances in thermal desorption-gas chromatography-mass spectrometery method to eliminate the matrix effect between air and water samples: Application to the accurate determination of Henry's law constant김기현
2018-01Recent developments in analytical quantitation approaches for parabens in human-associated samples김기현
2016-06Recent progress and innovation in carbon capture and storage using bioinspired materials김기현
2018-11Recent progress in biological and chemical sensing by luminescent metal-organic frameworks김기현
2018-02Recovery of nanomaterials from battery and electronic wastes: A new paradigm of environmental waste management김기현
2019-05Recycling and regeneration of carbonaceous and porous materials through thermal or solvent treatment김기현
2019-03Redox chemistry of vanadium in soils and sediments: interactions with colloidal materials, mobilization, speciation, and relevant environmental implications - A review.김기현
2017-09Rejection rate and mechanisms of drugs in drinking water by nanofiltration technology김기현
2012-11Relationship between water-soluble ions in PM2.5 and their precursor gases in Seoul megacity김기현
2012-05Release of offensive odorants from the combustion of barbecue charcoals김기현
2018-06Remediation of soils contaminated with heavy metals with an emphasis on immobilization technology김기현
2019-04Removal mechanism for chromium (VI) in groundwater with cost-effective iron-air fuel cell electrocoagulation김기현
2018-07Removal of Patent Blue (V) Dye Using Indian Bael Shell Biochar: Characterization, Application and Kinetic Studies김기현
2019-03Removal of phenolic compounds from industrial waste water based on membrane-based technologies.김기현
2014-06The Reproducibility of Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) Measurement: A Test Case for the Measurement of Key Air Pollutants from the Pan Frying of Fish Samples김기현
2015-09Response to Correspondence of associating airborne particulates and human health: Exploring possibilities김기현
2016-02Response to the comment on characterization of hazardous and odorous volatiles emitted from scented candles before lighting and when lit김기현