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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-07Major Odorants Released as Urinary Volatiles by Urinary Incontinent Patients김기현
2013-06Major sources of uncertainties in the analysis of methylmercury using gold amalgamation sampling김기현
2019-05Manganese Oxide Nanochips as a Novel Electrocatalyst for Direct Redox Sensing of Hexavalent Chromium김기현
2016-03Mass change tracking approach as collection guidelines for aerosol and vapor samples released during e-cigarette smoking김기현
2011-06Measurement techniques for mercury species in ambient air김기현
2016-08Measurements of major VOCs released into the closed cabin environment of different automobiles under various engine and ventilation scenarios김기현
2011-09Memory Effects on Adsorption Tubes for Mercury Vapor Measurement in Ambient Air: Elucidation, Quantification, and Strategies for Mitigation of Analytical Bias김기현
2019-01Metal organic frameworks as potent treatment media for odorants and volatiles in air.김기현
2016-06Metal organic frameworks as sorption media for volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds at ambient conditions김기현
2015-11Metal organic frameworks for sensing applications김기현
2019-02Metal organic frameworks MIL-100(Fe) as an efficient adsorptive material for phosphate management김기현
2015-03Metal remediation and biodegradation potential of earthworm species on municipal solid waste: A parallel analysis between Metaphire posthuma and Eisenia fetida김기현
2019-01Metal-air fuel cell electrocoagulation techniques for the treatment ofarsenic in water.김기현
2018-08Metal-organic framework (MOF)-based advanced sensing platforms for the detection of hydrogen sulfide김기현
2018-03Metal-organic framework and Tenax-TA as optimal sorbent mixture for concurrent GC-MS analysis of C1 to C5 carbonyl compounds김기현
2018-02Metal-organic framework composites as electrocatalysts for electrochemical sensing applications김기현
2018-06Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) as futuristic options for wastewater treatment김기현
2017-11Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs): potential and challenges for capture and abatement of ammonia김기현
2018-08Metal-organic frameworks and their composites as efficient electrodes for supercapacitor applications김기현
2016-10Metal-Organic Frameworks as a Potential Platform for Selective Treatment of Gaseous Sulfur Compounds김기현
2017-12Metal-organic frameworks as advanced sorbents for the extraction and determination of pollutants from environmental, biological, and food media김기현
2017-12Metal-organic frameworks as media for the catalytic degradation of chemical warfare agents김기현
2017-05Metal-organic frameworks as superior media for thermal desorption-gas chromatography application: A critical assessment of MOF-5 for the quantitation of airborne formaldehyde김기현
2017-01Metal-organic frameworks for the adsorption of gaseous toluene under ambient temperature and pressure김기현
2016-01Metal-organic frameworks for the control and management of air quality: advances and future direction김기현
2017-05Metal-organic frameworks: Challenges and opportunities for ion-exchange/sorption applications김기현
2017-02Metformin-loaded alginate nanoparticles as an effective antidiabetic agent for controlled drug release김기현
2013-10Method to predict gas chromatographic response factors for the trace-level analysis of volatile organic compounds based on the effective carbon number concept김기현
2017-08Methylation of Volatile Fatty Acids with Ordered Mesoporous Carbon and Carbon Nanotube for Renewable Energy Application김기현
2016-11The micro-environmental impact of volatile organic compound emissions from large-scale assemblies of people in a confined space김기현