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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-06Fabrication of spherical biochar by a two-step thermal process from waste potato peel김기현
2016-05A facile chemical route for recovery of high quality zinc oxide nanoparticles from spent alkaline batteries김기현
2018-10A facile means for the improvement of sensing properties of metal-organic frameworks through control on the key synthesis variables김기현
2017-03Factors regulating the distribution of O-3 and NOx at two mountainous sites in Seoul, Korea김기현
2017-05Fixed volume sequential standard addition calibration: Value assignment of impurities in zero gas김기현
2017-12Fluorescent nanobiosensors for the targeted detection of foodborne bacteria김기현
2016-02Formation of dimethyldithioarsinic acid in a simulated landfill leachate in relation to hydrosulfide concentration김기현
2015-12Formation of High-Purity Indium Oxide Nanoparticles and Their Application to Sensitive Detection of Ammonia김기현
2019-05Formation of highly porous electrochemically etched silicon carbide: A novel reusable adsorbent for air purification technology김기현
2018-08Fossil Carbon Fraction and Measuring Cycle for Sewage Sludge Waste Incineration김기현
2012-04Fractionation of secondary organic carbon in aerosol in relation to the trafficborne emission of semivolatile organic compounds김기현
2017-02Function of the SIRT3 mitochondrial deacetylase in cellular physiology, cancer, and neurodegenerative disease김기현
2017-07Functional hybrid nanostructure materials: Advanced strategies for sensing applications toward volatile organic compounds김기현
2017-12Functionalized fluorescent nanomaterials for sensing pollutants in the environment: A critical review김기현
2013-04Generation of Sub-Part-per-Billion Gaseous Volatile Organic Compounds at Ambient Temperature by Headspace Diffusion of Aqueous Standards through Decoupling between Ideal and Nonideal Henry's Law Behavior김기현
2014-12Generation of sub-ppb level vapor phase mixtures of biogenic volatile organic compounds from liquid phase standards and stepwise characterization of their volatilization properties by thermal desorption-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry김기현
2012-02The geographical origin and chemical composition in phellinus mushrooms measured by instrumental neutron activation analysis김기현
2016-10Global demand for rare earth resources and strategies for green mining김기현
2017-01Global warming projections to 2100 using simple CO2 greenhouse gas modeling and comments on CO2 climate sensitivity factor김기현
2017-05Graphene and its nanocomposites as a platform for environmental applications김기현
2018-10Graphene materials as a superior platform for advanced sensing strategies against gaseous ammonia김기현
2016-09Graphene modified screen printed immunosensor for highly sensitive detection of parathion김기현
2017-04Graphene quantum dot modified screen printed immunosensor for the determination of parathion김기현
2016-04Hazardous and odorous pollutants released from sewer manholes and stormwater catch basins in urban areas김기현
2019-04Heavy metals in food crops: Health risks, fate, mechanisms, and management김기현
2019-03High-performance materials for effective sorptive removal of formaldehyde in air.김기현
2016-12Highly sensitive detection of dipicolinic acid with a water-dispersible terbium-metal organic framework김기현
2019-01A Highly sensitive electrochemical immunosensor for zearalenone using screen-printed disposable electrodes.김기현
2019-02Highly Sensitive Optical Biosensing of Staphylococcus aureus with an Antibody/Metal-Organic Framework Bioconjugate.김기현
2019-01Historic and Futuristic Review of Electron Beam Technology for the Treatment of SO2 and NOx in Flue Gas.김기현