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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-09Demonstration of long-term increases in tropospheric O-3 levels: Causes and potential impacts김기현
2015-10Deodorization of food-related nuisances from a refrigerator: The feasibility test of photocatalytic system김기현
2015-01Derivatization techniques for determination of carbonyls in air김기현
2018-01Designer carbon nanotubes for contaminant removal in water and wastewater: A critical review김기현
2018-04Determination of carbonyl compounds in electronic cigarette refill solutions and aerosols through liquid-phase dinitrophenyl hydrazine derivatization김기현
2014-08Determination of methylamine, dimethylamine, and trimethylamine in air by high-performance Liquid chromatography with derivatization using 9-fluorenylmethylchloroformate김기현
2016-01Development of a sampling method for carbonyl compounds released due to the use of electronic cigarettes and quantitation of their conversion from liquid to aerosol김기현
2019-04Development of an advanced electrochemical biosensing platform for E. coli using hybrid metal-organic framework/polyaniline composite김기현
2017-04Development of chitosan nanocapsules for the controlled release of hexaconazole김기현
2015-10Development of municipal solid waste classification in Korea based on fossil carbon fraction김기현
2017-05Development of nanoformulation approaches for the control of weeds김기현
2014-07Development of the Detection Threshold Concept from a Close Look at Sorption Occurrence Inside a Glass Vial Based on the In-Vial Vaporization of Semivolatile Fatty Acids김기현
2017-01Direct ultrasensitive redox sensing of mercury using a nanogold platform김기현
2019-05The effect of diverse metal oxides in graphene composites on the adsorption isotherm of gaseous benzene김기현
2018-10The effect of flavor content in e-liquids on e-cigarette emissions of carbonyl compounds김기현
2017-02The effect of lead exposure on fatty acid composition in mouse brain analyzed using pseudo-catalytic derivatization김기현
2011-09The effect of man made source processes on the behavior of total gaseous mercury in air: A comparison between four urban monitoring sites in Seoul Korea김기현
2017-02Effect of slurry treatment approaches on the reduction of major odorant emissions at a hog barn facility in South Korea김기현
2015-12The effect of solvent selection in the gas chromatographic analysis of carbonyls in air samples after derivatization with pentafluorophenyl hydrazine김기현
2012-02Effect of standard phase differences between gas and liquid and the resulting experimental bias in the analysis of gaseous volatile organic compounds김기현
2019-03The effect of varying battery voltage output on the emission rate of carbonyls released from e-cigarette smoke김기현
2016-01The effects of composting approaches on the emissions of anthropogenic volatile organic compounds: A comparison between vermicomposting and general aerobic composting김기현
2014-08Effects of sorbent materials on the cryofocusing analysis of gaseous reduced sulphur compounds김기현
2017-06Efficient photocatalytic and photovoltaic applications with nanocomposites between CdTe QDs and an NTU-9 MOF김기현
2016-07Efficient photocatalytic degradation of rhodamine 6G with a quantum dot-metal organic framework nanocomposite김기현
2013-08Emerging green chemical technologies for the conversion of CH4 to value added products김기현
2018-07Emission and Cytotoxicity of Surgical Smoke: Cholesta-3,5-Diene Released from Pyrolysis of Prostate Tissue김기현
2015-04Emissions of amides (N,N-dimethylformamide and formamide) and other obnoxious volatile organic compounds from different mattress textile products김기현
2019-05An energy-efficient air-breathing cathode electrocoagulation approach for the treatment of arsenite in aquatic systems김기현
2017-07Engineered nano particles: Nature, behavior, and effect on the environment김기현