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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03Programmable molecular scissors: Applications of a new tool for genome editing in biotech.김기현
2018-08Progress in graphene-based materials as superior media for sensing, sorption, and separation of gaseous pollutants김기현
2016-01Progress in the biosensing techniques for trace-level heavy metals김기현
2015-12Progress in the reduction of carbon monoxide levels in major urban areas in Korea김기현
2017-10Progress in the sensing techniques for heavy metal ions using nanomaterials김기현
2018-12Progress on nanostructured electrochemical sensors and their recognition elements for detection of mycotoxins: A review김기현
2016-03Pseudo catalytic transformation of volatile fatty acids into fatty acid methyl esters김기현
2016-07Pyrogenic transformation of Nannochloropsis oceanica into fatty acid methyl esters without oil extraction for estimating total lipid content김기현
2016-09Pyrogenic transformation of oil-bearing biomass into biodiesel without lipid extraction김기현
2015-10Pyrolysis of microalgal biomass in carbon dioxide environment김기현
2017-01Pyrolysis of wastes generated through saccharification of oak tree by using CO2 as reaction medium김기현
2018-07Quantification of nicotine and major solvents in retail electronic cigarette fluids and vaped aerosols김기현
2018-01Quantification techniques for important environmental contaminants in milk and dairy products김기현
2013-06Quantitative Analysis of Fragrance and Odorants Released from Fresh and Decaying Strawberries김기현
2017-06Quantum-sized nanomaterials for solar cell applications김기현
2014-12Re-evaluation of effective carbon number (ECN) approach to predict response factors of 'compounds lacking authentic standards or surrogates' (CLASS) by thermal desorption analysis with GC-MS김기현
2018-04Recent advancements in bioremediation of dye: Current status and challenges김기현
2015-08Recent advancements in sensing techniques based on functional materials for organophosphate pesticides김기현
2018-10Recent advancements in supercapacitor technology김기현
2019-04Recent advances and opportunities in the treatment of hydrocarbons and oils: Metal-organic frameworks-based approaches김기현
2018-05Recent advances and remaining challenges for polymeric nanocomposites in healthcare applications김기현
2019-05Recent advances in carbon quantum dot-based sensing of heavy metals in water김기현
2018-04Recent advances in controlled modification of the size and morphology of metal-organic frameworks김기현
2016-09Recent advances in enzyme immobilization techniques: Metal-organic frameworks as novel substrates김기현
2017-12Recent advances in liquid-phase microextraction techniques for the analysis of environmental pollutants김기현
2016-05Recent advances in photocatalytic treatment of pollutants in aqueous media김기현
2019-04Recent advances in photoinduced catalysis for water splitting and environmental applications김기현
2016-03Recent advances in the photovoltaic applications of coordination polymers and metal organic frameworks김기현
2014-05Recent advances in thermal desorption-gas chromatography-mass spectrometery method to eliminate the matrix effect between air and water samples: Application to the accurate determination of Henry's law constant김기현
2018-01Recent developments in analytical quantitation approaches for parabens in human-associated samples김기현