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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-08Design of interior permanent magnet synchronous machine for torquecharacteristic improvement by increasing reluctance torque and reducing leakage flux권병일
2016-12Design, Optimization, and Prototyping of a Transverse Flux-Type-Switched Reluctance Generator With an Integrated Rotor권병일
2016-06Development and test of a dual-stator, spoke-type ferrite permanent magnet motor with high torque performance for direct-drive applications권병일
2007-10Development of a 4.0mm-Outer-Diameter PM type Stepping Motor With a Newly Structured Claw-poles권병일
2015-09Dual Airgap Stator- and Rotor- Permanent Magnet Machines with Spoke-type Configurations Using Phase-group Concentrated-coil Windings권병일
2017-07Dual Airgap Stator- and Rotor-Permanent Magnet Machines With Spoke-Type Configurations Using Phase-Group Concentrated Coil Windings권병일
2018-04Dual Mode Dual Stator Wound Rotor Synchronous Machine for Variable Speed Applications권병일
2016-12Dual rotor flux switching permanent magnet machines with phase-group concentrated-coil windings for high performance권병일
2007-03A Dual-Servo Type VCM for a Nano-Level Measurement System권병일
2015-11Dual-Stator Two-Phase Permanent Magnet Machines With Phase-Group Concentrated-Coil Windings for Torque Enhancement권병일
2015-05Dual-stator Two-phase Permanent Magnet Machines with Phase-group Concentrated-coil Windings for Torque Enhancement권병일
2016-06Dual-stator, spoke-type ferrite permanent magnet motor with phase-group concentrated-coil windings using auxiliary inner stator권병일
2015-05Dynamic Analysis of Double Excited 3-DOF Motor Modeling Using Equivalent Magnetic Circuit권병일
2006-05Dynamic Characteristic Analysis of Small Sized PM Type Stepping Motor With H Shape Stator Yoke권병일
2018-04Electromagnetic design and performance analysis of a two-phase AFPM BLDC motor for the only-pull drive technique권병일
2016-02Elimination of the Inrush Current Phenomenon Associated with Single-Phase Offline UPS Systems권병일
2017-07Estimation of PM-assisted effects in Wound Field Synchronous Motor with a single flux barrier권병일
2017-07Experimental Evaluation and Analysis of High Speed Axial Flux PM Machine for Flywheel Energy Storage권병일
2016-04Experimental verification of winding switching technique to enhance maximum speed operation of surface mounted permanent magnet machines권병일
2019-05Fault-Tolerant Operation of Wound Field Synchronous Machine Using Coil Switching권병일
2005-04FEM이 적용된 등가회로 파라미터에 의한 축전류 해석권병일
2018-10Flux-Switching Permanent Magnet Machine with Phase-Group Concentrated-Coil Windings and Cogging Torque Reduction Technique권병일
2018-08High efficiency dual output stator-PM machine for the two-mode operation of washing machines권병일
2017-11A High Force Density HTS Tubular Vernier Machine권병일
2018-08High-Efficiency Dual Output Stator-PM Machine for the Two-Mode Operation of Washing Machines권병일
2017-11HTS Dual-Stator Spoke-Type Linear Vernier Machine for Leakage Flux Reduction권병일
2006-05Influence of Space Harmonics on Starting Performance of 1-phase Line Start Permanent Magnet Motor권병일
2008-12Influence of Space Harmonics on Starting Performance of a Single-Phase Line Start Permanent-Magnet Motor권병일
2015-09An Inrush Current Elimination Technique for a Voltage Sag Compensator While Powering TransformerCoupled Loads권병일
2018-04Investigation of Dual Stator Spoke Type Vernier Machine for EV Application권병일