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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-05Assessment of Surface-local Strains from Remnant Microindents on a Zr-based Metallic Glass장재일
2011-12Bluntness measurement of a Berkovich indenter장재일
2012-05Correlation of particle impact conditions with bonding, nanocrystal formation and mechanical properties in kinetic sprayed nickel장재일
2014-10Effect of hydrogen on the yielding behavior and shear transformation zone volume in metallic glass ribbons장재일
2015-01Enhancement of strain-rate sensitivity and shear yield strength of a magnesium alloy processed by high-pressure torsion장재일
2011-08Estimating the stress exponent of nanocrystalline nickel: Sharp vs. spherical indentation장재일
2014-09Estimation of the Hall-Petch strengthening coefficient of steels through nanoindentation장재일
2012-06Estimation of the shear transformation zone size fin a bulk metallic glass through statistical a analysis of the first pop-in stresses during spherical nanoindentation장재일
2014-03Evolution of plasticity, strain-rate sensitivity and the underlying deformation mechanism in Zn-22% Al during high-pressure torsion장재일
2012-07Experimental Analysis of the Elastic-Plastic Transition During Nanoindentation of Single Crystal Alpha-Silicon Nitride장재일
2011-01Exploring Nanomechanical Behavior of Silicon Nanowires: AFM Bending Versus Nanoindentation장재일
2012-05Further evidence for room temperature, indentation-induced nanocrystallization in a bulk metallic glass장재일
2014-11High-cycle fatigue behavior of Zn-22% Al alloy processed by high-pressure torsion장재일
2014-12Hydrogen-induced hardening and softening of Ni-Nb-Zr amorphous alloys: Dependence on the Zr content장재일
2013-08Hydrogen-induced toughness drop in weld coarse-grained heat-affected zones of linepipe steel장재일
2012-10Increased time-dependent room temperature plasticity in metallic glass nanopillars and its size-dependency장재일
2012-01Indentation creep revisited장재일
2012-11Indentation size effect and shear transformation zone size in a bulk metallic glass in two different structural states장재일
2011-04Indentation size effect in bulk metallic glass장재일
2011-05Influence of thermo-mechanical treatment on the precipitation strengthening behavior of Inconel 740, a Ni-based superalloy장재일
2012-05Martensitic phase transformation and pop-in in compression of austenitic steel nanoplates observed in situ by transmission electron microscopy장재일
2016-06Micro-Mechanical Behavior of an Exceptionally Strong Metal Matrix Nanocomposite Processed by High-Pressure Torsion장재일
2015-07Microalloying Effect on the Activation Energy of Hot Deformation장재일
2013-11Nanoindentation behavior of nanotwinned Cu: Influence of indenter angle on hardness, strain rate sensitivity and activation volume장재일
2014-01Nanoindentation for probing the mechanical behavior of molecular crystals-a review of the technique and how to use it장재일
2015-09Nanomechanical behavior and structural stability of a nanocrystalline CoCrFeNiMn high-entropy alloy processed by high-pressure torsion장재일
2013-02Nanoscale room temperature creep of nanocrystalline nickel pillars at low stresses장재일
2016-01On the contributions of different micromechanisms for enhancement in the strength of TI-6Al-4V alloy upon B addition: A nanomechanical analysis장재일
2014-01On the nanomechanical characteristics of thermally-treated alloy 690: Grain boundaries versus grain interior장재일
2012-01Orientation-dependent indentation modulus and yielding in a high Mn twinning-induced plasticity steel장재일